Monday, December 19, 2016

The Dragonette gets reviewed...

Boundless Book Review--cool excerpt

from Erin Bedford at Boundless Book Review, Bachelorette does dragons

Let me just say I dislike reality TV shows with a passion. They are fake and full of unrealistic drama but I have to say that if we threw dragons into any of them I'd be watching them every night. That is what this book does to you. You will be an addict and keep coming back for more because you need to know who gets that final nose ring (yea that's right!). I loved the main character Verity and how she doesn't let the alphas walk all over her on the show. I am so happy I had a chance to read this book!

From IvaGh Forbidden Desire

Fun and sexy, as are all of Lynne Murray's books, this wonderful fantasy romance also speaks to the many of us who harbor hidden and forbidden desires that somehow, somehow, just might become reality if we magic them into being.

from Jaqueline Girdner, Both Sexy and Funny

Murray has the ability to mix love, sex, humor, and adventure in the perfect proportions.... And the TV Dragonette show was hysterical!

from Lauri Owen, You will not regret buying this book

If you haven't read Lynne Murray, you're missing something really big, and I don't just mean her characters, or the tension, or the plot that drags you page after page, until night has long fallen and you know you have to get up in -- OMG is it 2am already?? -- but you still can't put it down....It's fun, sweet, enormously entertaining, and just plain great.

from Peggy Elam, A Fanciful Romance

While waiting for another book in Lynne Murray's Valkyrie series, I was delighted to discover this new novel set on another planet in the Valkyrie universe, as well as in the Forbidden Zone (Earth). In Murray's cosmos Earth is off-limits to extraterrestrials because of Earthlings' pesky tendency to worship visiting aliens. But inhabitants of the Dragon Planet have developed a fondness for Earth's reality TV. Couple that with the dwindling birthrate among full-blooded dragons and the dragon king's desire for an heir -- or grand-heir -- and the king's daughter, Verity, finds herself the reluctant star of a Dragon Planet version of The Bachelorette. Read & enjoy.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Runaway Dragonette Tour is on! Samples, Giveaways, Virtual Refreshments

Silver Dagger Scriptorium is hosting a blog book tour for Runaway Dragonette from October 1-15. All are welcome to drop by and indulge their inner dragons on free-flowing mead, salty marsh grass cakes and humorous romance stories. Any roses might be crunched up by dragons as pre-meal snacks.

This is the first straight up paranormal romance novel I've written, so please be gentle with me. I have taken to heart the feedback I got from one reviewer of a book that had romantic elements. She took off a star because of the FTB factor (Fade To Black when the heroine and hero head for the bedroom). In this book--well, I won't say the lights are on because this is a reality TV romance, so the bedroom scenes are lit with the fires of a fireman's nightmare of softly flickering candles. But the reader gets to stay for the action.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dragons, Reality TV and Blog Tours

The amazing Maia Silverdagger at The Silver Dagger Scriptorium is putting together a blog tour for Runaway Dragonette, the first book in my new Paranormal Reality TV Romance series. The book is due October 1st and the blog tour runs from October 1st to 15th. Here's info about the book and the tour. It also has sign up info for anyone who is interested.

I'm including the sign up link, but please don't feel even a hint of pressure. I haven't hosted blog tours myself because I suspect it might conflict with my usual routine of hiding under a rock and writing. I do appreciate the opportunity to be in Maia's event line up though! And I'm hoping Runaway Dragonette will be enjoyed by many.

Here's an excerpt:

The First Night

“WILL you accept this nose ring?” Verity repeated it over and over under her breath as she stood on the paving stones of the castle courtyard. Twenty-six dragon shapeshifter suitors would soon arrive. The Earth reality TV videos showed human bachelors and bachelorettes handing out roses to those who would continue on the journey towards finding mates. But roses would confuse the dragon bachelors. In dragon form, they might eat the flowers, thorns and all and then belch fire. However, gold in any form got all the dragons’ attention big time.

Verity’s curves, prized on the Dragon Planet, were on ample display as she stood in her human form. She wore a sparkling ice-blue gown that matched her eyes. Her dress artfully molded to her in front, open nearly down to her waist and cut almost as low clinging to her backside, although her long black hair covered most of the skin revealed in back. Verity didn’t shiver from the cold, despite the thin fabric. Her dragon blood ran hot. Any trembling was completely due to nerves.

“Will you accept this nose ring?” she muttered again. It was a simple enough phase but she just might mess it up. Torches burned in the courtyard in front of the quaint old castle. It was a historic site, not a working fortress, a confection of towers and spires perched on a remote mountainside. Lights from the village at the foot of the mountain twinkled in the darkness below. Verity would stay here for the next nine weeks.

Modern lighting illuminated the center of the courtyard where Verity would greet each bachelor dragon in turn as he arrived. Cameramen, sound crew and assistant producers circled around the edges of the courtyard. The whole planet was watching. Her every word and move were being recorded.

No pressure. V Tonight, Verity was The Dragonette, a bachelorette shapeshifter on a Journey to Love. She was also the Dragon King’s daughter. She stiffened her spine. She took a deep breath of the pine scented air carried by the breeze up from the forests below.

Each of the bachelor dragons would introduce himself as he arrived. The camera crew roamed around her, waiting for the men to arrive.

The king had summoned Verity to his throne room when he told her she would be the planet’s first Dragonette. King Harrenholtz was a big fan of reality television shows from Earth. The ruler of the Blood Claw Clan that dominated Planet Dragon had decided that a television show would promote mating in a planet with a dwindling shapeshifter population. The king’s closest councilor, his brother Cobravelos was in charge of making it happen.

“We’re gathering together the best of the best young dragons from every corner of the planet, Verity,” the king told her. “All in one place for you to choose from. It’s one-stop-shopping as they say on Earth. You’ll be able to start nesting immediately, and I hope to see those baby dragons soon.”

Verity had no answer to this.

No problem there, the king wasn’t expecting an answer. The king, tall and stately, his dark hair streaked with gray and his blue eyes still compelling even in middle age, was a hopeless romantic—when it suited his purposes. “You should be the bachelor dragon yourself, brother,” Verity’s Aunt Tryspidania told the king. Gray-haired and flint eyed with a spine of steel, Aunt Tryspi was a genealogy freak who had traced the family trees of all the contestants.

The king didn’t mind a little flattery, but he waved the idea aside. “Your Aunt Tryspi tells me that these men all come from the best bloodlines,” he said. “Also, your uncle, who knows about these things, assures me that these men are all, as he says, ‘smoking hot.’”

Verity’s uncle Cobra was just as tall, blue-eyed and handsome as the king but much more fashionable. He was gay and the king trusted his opinions on which males were hot and which were not.

“We know your unusual interest in conversation and culture and—um, ideas, Verity,” The king’s tone indicated that these pursuits were useless at best, but he was willing to indulge her eccentric tastes. “So we made sure to include some men who are artistic or...well, I don’t know, clever. These dragons are the best of the best. Your hatchlings will raise the intelligence level of the whole species. So enjoy the journey and find me a son-in-law.”

Like she had a choice.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Falstaff Vampire Ghosts, 99 cents during July only! Also Humorous Fiction on Display!

Humorous fiction is a strange beast with many faces. Everything from chick lit, to dark satire. Many flavors will be on display July 16th to 23rd.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Choose Ghosts or Valkyries for less than a dollar!

July 1st we'll celebrate Indie Pride Day. Last year #IndiePrideDay was a trending topic on Twitter. Who knows what we can do this year?

Indie Pride!

To add to the festivities I'm offering my newest book, The Falstaff Vampire Ghosts for 99 cents.

Also 99 cents, the first book in the Sybil of Valkyrie series Gravitas Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone

Monday, June 6, 2016

What's Shiny and New in the Falstaff Vampire World

A new cover for the ebook of The Falstaff Vampire Files. I wanted to put Falstaff himself on the cover of the book from the beginning, but it took the amazing Julie Nicholls to make it happen.

Also looking forward to a review from a great new site for book readers and reviewers The Readers Review Room.