Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally foreplay! The 6th Week of Six Sunday Sentences - from Bride of the Living Dead

Oscar and Daria's third date ends up in a fever of foreplay at his house.

He drove into the garage and we stumbled into his house and began kissing again the moment he had the door closed. "I’ve wanted to do this ever since I sat behind you in that horrible movie."
            "But you were sitting behind me, you hadn’t even seen my face," I said, stroking his cheek, enjoying the sandpapery feel of it.
            "You had a very appealing neck, but I have a confession to make," he said, kissing my collarbone and working his way up.
I drew back in alarm. "Is this something that’s going to bring everything to a screeching halt?"

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

5th week of Six Sentence Sunday...

Another six sentences from Bride of the Living Dead: Oscar asks Daria on a second date, then he cancels with a plausible explanation, yet she begins to wonder. Finally when they do go out, he explains that an ex-girlfriend, Francine, has been stalking him Fatal Attraction style and he's trying to be cautious, but…

     He looked at me steadily for a moment, and I felt a wave of warmth that spread all the way down to my toes. "Some things are irresistible."
     I sighed and we kissed. I wasn’t about to tell him about driving up Clayton Street and looking at his house. Much too close to something Francine would do. I had a sudden chill to think that maybe she was watching us even now.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

4th Six Sentence Sunday snippet

From Bride of the Living Dead. After meeting and being instantly drawn to each other, Daria and Oscar share coffee and compare T-shirts, then he gives her a ride home.

He leaned over slightly to adjust the heater and put his hand on mine for a moment, then he reached up and lightly stroked my hair and kissed me lightly on the lips.
            "I’ll be good," he said, as if to himself.
            "I know," I said, as all my nerve endings heated up so fast that someone watching on infrared sensor would have been startled. "And even better," I pulled him back for another kiss and we moved back apart with a sigh.
            "I’d better get you home."
            I directed him to Anza Street, expecting him to ask me out on a second date, but never guessing he would break it.

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To my fellow six Sunday commenters, I'm still moving slowly and commenting as I can a little at a time. Write on!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pulling...well, pressing...the trigger

Awhile back I ran into a statement, Hill's Law of Work, to wit: "Everything takes 8 times longer than you expect."

If anyone knows where Hill's Law originated, let me know; I've never been able to track it down. But it's certainly been in action with getting past my latest bout of hand pain.  Oddly enough I only last night (finally!) got to the point of opening up my copy of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, which has always helped me, and starting to work on pressure point areas that gave me more relief. I put the delay down to my own natural cussedness--also pressing on those trigger points also hurts like hell. But the upshot is--great leap forward in lessening hand pain.

The Carpal Tunnel Fairy has moved out of my room and is sitting on the deck pressing her face against the window, but preparing to move on as I get back on track with doing what I can to help myself. (Including cross-posting in my Live Journal blog to avoid doing the same thing twice!)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ooops forgot! Here's link... all Sunday Six snippets

3rd Six Sentence Sunday ...Invasion of the T-shirts

Just after meeting, Daria and Oscar don't want the evening to end, so they leave the screening room to go for coffee. She notices that his T-shirt has a mathematical formula and worries about a test. He promises no no math test if she shows him her T-shirt--

            I opened up my coat and displayed the T-shirt, which reproduced the poster for I Married a Monster from Outer Space.
"Let me see what it says." He leaned forward.
It was just an excuse to check me out, but I didn’t mind that at all.
            He read from the poster on the shirtfront, "They came from beyond the stars in a horrible hunt for human brides. I like it already."

I have to beg patience from fellow Six Sentence posters. My first two Sundays I got carried away and tried to comment on all 70-some and then 80-some posts--something I once could have easily done. This time it earned me a visit from the Carpal Tunnel Fairy. Unlike her kindly cousin the Tooth Fairy, this sprite does not leave cash under the pillow for a lost tooth. Oh, no, she whacks you on the wrists with a sturdy stick and settles down in the corner muttering "Back off on the keyboarding or there's lots more where that came from." She's still there and until she goes away I'm going to have to keep my comments to a bare minimum. I'm still reading your snippets, friends, still like 'em but I've got to heal up before commenting more!