Sunday, May 29, 2011

My 15th Six Sentence Sunday...Sky has a question

From Bride of the Living Dead, when Daria's fiancé, Oscar, leaves the table for a few minutes, Sky jumps in with an unwelcome question--
            "Daria, I have to ask--are you pregnant?"
            "Sky!  No, I'm not pregnant--do you think that's the only reason Oscar would want to marry me?"
            "Of course not, but if you don't need to get married right away we have some time to plan the wedding."
            "We haven't thought that far ahead," I said, catching sight of Oscar outside the window standing by his car watching us and smiling at him. I totally missed that she had said "we" had time to plan the wedding.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

14th week of six sentences - Sky explains

From Bride of the Living Dead, Oscar and Daria have just got engaged when her perfectionist sister Sky makes a surprise visit. After a stressful tour of Daria's extremely unimpressive apartment, the three end up at a local diner:

            Sky took a sip of coffee, leaned back and said, "Richard cheated on me, I left him and I've taken a leave of absence from Slavedrivers." That was Sky’s nickname for Slavin, Drovers, Nesmith, the law firm she had worked at for the past several years.
            "Oh, Sky, I’m so sorry, though I can’t say I was ever one of Richard’s greatest fans…" For a second all I could think was how it must double the pain for Sky to see me so deliriously in love, so I concluded, "I’ve never known you to take a vacation."
            Sky leaned toward Oscar, "You see the perils of overwork--Daria’s not surprised when my marriage goes down the tubes, but if I take a couple of weeks off work, she’s stunned."
            "I understand," Oscar said solemnly.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

13th week of six sentence sunday - the naked apartment

From Bride of the Living Dead. Rebellious indie film critic Daria has just got engaged to Oscar and received a surprise visit from her perfectionist sister, Sky. Oscar has seen her studio apartment before and never seemed shocked, but Daria dreads her sister's reaction to seeing her place for the first time.

One room, cramped and shabby with a tiny stove standing next to a counter and barely enough room for a dorm-sized refrigerator. A microwave oven, small sink and drain board faced a thin dividing counter with a wooden chair pushed up to it, completing the galley kitchenette.
Why hadn't I noticed that the floor sloped down a little from the kitchen to the twin bed and the chest of drawers at the foot of it holding a small television and disk player?
I kept the window that faced the back yard closed but Sky peeked out and said, "Bonsai."
            "My landlords, the Yamazakis, raise them."
            Oscar was watching me without saying a word, but I got the feeling he was seeing my place through Sky’s eyes too, and suddenly I didn’t want to stay here any longer.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

12th Six Sentence Sunday - apartment anxiety

From Bride of the Living Dead, Daria and Oscar have just decided to get married when Daria's sister, Sky, shows up unexpectedly at Daria's old apartment. At first Sky reacts with sarcasm when told about the engagement, then she becomes surprisingly clingy in her congratulations.
            "We just came over to get more of my stuff," I told Sky. "I don't think you've seen my place here."
            "I’m sure I would have remembered," Sky said, her attitude surfacing again.
            "Sky can get traumatized by my decorating attempts," I said to Oscar as I unlocked the pine-paneled door, hoping a smoke screen of words would distract my sister from any socks or old T-shirts that might be adorning the furniture.
            Sky walked into the apartment and looked around with an expression of horror last seen on Dante on arriving at the ninth circle of hell. For the first time, I saw it through her eyes.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

11th Sunday six, another side of Sky

 From Bride of the Living Dead, Daria and Oscar have just decided to get married when they get an unexpected visit from Daria's sister, Sky, who starts out with some snarky comments when told about the engagement, then:

"Sorry, Daria, this is all so sudden." She hesitated as if she wanted to say something else, or maybe keep giving me a hard time, but she smiled at Oscar instead. "So, when did this happen?"
            "Today and we haven’t told anyone yet, so, um, you’re the first to know." I snuggled up against Oscar and he put his arm around me.
            She cried out, "Congratulations," and threw herself at us, holding both of us so tight and long that I got the feeling she was drowning and we were the only life raft in sight.

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