Saturday, February 17, 2018

New Ebook Covers for Josephine Fuller

There’s always more to learn in book publishing. My new goal is targeting readers with ebook covers that pop up and wave at the reader out of the overcrowded waters of the sea of books. I've been bashing up against the wall of book publishing for decades now because I've got some pitbull terrier blood and an unquenchable need to tell stories and make jokes.

Oh, yeah, so what about readers who might want to read these stories and laugh at these jokes? Who are they and how can they find my books? It turns out it's possible to answer these questions, at least I hope so!

Here are the new covers on the ebooks for the Josephine Fuller mysteries. thanks to Sharon Lipman at Fantasia Book Covers for designing them and Peggy Elam at Pearlsong Press for putting them up on the net. (You may notice that the paperback books have different covers. Long story short: paperbacks change more slowly.)

A slain designer of plus-sized clothing, a killer now stalks Josephine,

A Top Secret safe cleared out and an admiral kidnapped in San Diego. The family doesn't want him back and someone's targeting Josephine to keep her from getting answers.

Josephine finds the body of a well-known mountain climber, who is also the woman who broke up her marriage. Now she's the prime suspect.

A body in a wine barrel in the Northern California Wine Country sets off a chain of murders and has Josephine trying to clear the name of a plus-sized adult film star whom she is sure is innocent--at least of murder.