Sunday, June 26, 2011

18th Six Sentence Sunday, the Reverend Uncle Walt Factor

From Bride of the Living Dead, at a wedding planning session with Oscar’s teenaged sisters and very conservative mother, Deb. Daria and Sky’s mother mentions that her brother Walt is a minister who could perform the ceremony.

             "Your brother is a minister?" Deb said smiling at Mom as if that couldn’t be bad, not knowing us well enough to grasp that I was repressing a naughty smile, and Sky’s mouth was flattening down to a distressed line. "What kind of church is it?" she asked, looking from one of us to the other, confused.
            "It’s small, kind of hard to explain," I chimed in, knowing how fond our mother was of her brother and how hard she tried very hard to include him in family gatherings whenever she could, which was difficult because Uncle Walt was very shy and quite possibly insane. I liked my uncle, and I was warming to the idea of having him performing the ceremonies.
            "It’s not a large congregation, even if you count the garter snakes and lizards," Sky said softly, leaning back, crossing her arms and looking up to the ceiling as if pleading for divine intervention.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My 17th week of Six Sentence Sunday appetizers

The wedding planning and the family dysfunction are both revving up in this snippet from Bride of the Living Dead for Six Sentence Sunday. Daria’s mother and sister get together with Oscar’s teenaged sisters and very conservative mother, Deb. to plan the wedding. One of the teenagers makes a sarcastic remark which her mother notes.

            Deb gave her daughter a measured look, which she then turned on me, “Have you and Oscar talked about what church you’ll be married in?"
            I looked at her blankly. The eye-contact-to-erection phenomenon had been discussed thoroughly, but religion was a topic which had never come up. "Um, no, we haven’t decided."
            "What’s your affiliation?"
            Aha, Deb’s real aim was to find out just what kind of godless heathen her son had hooked up with--little did she know.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Six sentence Sunday #16 - let the wedding planning games begin! Also a book offer.

Six Sentences from Bride of the Living Dead as the gunslingers, uh, future in-laws, ride into town for a, wedding planning session.

Daria’s mother and sister get together with Oscar’s very conservative mother, "call me Deb," and his teenaged sisters to plan the wedding. Oscar escapes to go to work, but Daria is trapped. She walks him out.

            "I had to get out of there before I jumped on you," he whispered as we kissed in the hallway.
            "I know, I know." There wasn’t much to say. We were both impressed with how instantly he got an erection when we held eye contact a little longer than wise, even in situations where there wasn’t much to be done about it.
            “Fortunately there’s a cold shower at work--later,” he said as he slipped out the door.
            I went back into the living room where Mom and Deb faced each other in the wing chairs at opposite ends of the coffee table, like gunslingers in High Noon.

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