Sunday, May 1, 2011

11th Sunday six, another side of Sky

 From Bride of the Living Dead, Daria and Oscar have just decided to get married when they get an unexpected visit from Daria's sister, Sky, who starts out with some snarky comments when told about the engagement, then:

"Sorry, Daria, this is all so sudden." She hesitated as if she wanted to say something else, or maybe keep giving me a hard time, but she smiled at Oscar instead. "So, when did this happen?"
            "Today and we haven’t told anyone yet, so, um, you’re the first to know." I snuggled up against Oscar and he put his arm around me.
            She cried out, "Congratulations," and threw herself at us, holding both of us so tight and long that I got the feeling she was drowning and we were the only life raft in sight.

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  1. Hmmm. Not sure if sister is benign or conniving. I'll have to come back to find out. :) Great six.

  2. Still trying to figure this sister out! Fun!

  3. Interesting - why's her sister so upset?

  4. yeah the sister - what's with her ?

  5. I love all the family tension and dynamics in these snippets.

  6. I love these past couple sixes you've posted. Can't quite figure out the sister. Actually in need of comfort or conniving? Hmmm.

  7. Thanks, Gem, Laura, Cate, sassypeaks...more to come on a complicated situation!

    Carolyn and Susanna, thanks for the kind words!

    Thanks Sarah, Sky definitely has issues and her issues bring out her sister Daria's issues...ain't family grand?

  8. Wow, you really make me wonder what's going on with her. Pity she has to spoil the couple's moment though.

  9. A little dysfunctional family dynamic never hurt a conflict!

  10. Looking good! Nice six.

    Allure Van Sanz

  11. Thanks, Jessica, Sky's got her own crisis and Daria has Oscar to keep her warm...if he can handle her crazy family!

    Thanks Jenna and Lindsay!

    Thanks Taryn, I actually had a reviewer recommend eloping to avoid family drama, but you can't avoid your dysfunctional family forever!

    Thanks, Allure--best to you too!