Sunday, June 19, 2011

My 17th week of Six Sentence Sunday appetizers

The wedding planning and the family dysfunction are both revving up in this snippet from Bride of the Living Dead for Six Sentence Sunday. Daria’s mother and sister get together with Oscar’s teenaged sisters and very conservative mother, Deb. to plan the wedding. One of the teenagers makes a sarcastic remark which her mother notes.

            Deb gave her daughter a measured look, which she then turned on me, “Have you and Oscar talked about what church you’ll be married in?"
            I looked at her blankly. The eye-contact-to-erection phenomenon had been discussed thoroughly, but religion was a topic which had never come up. "Um, no, we haven’t decided."
            "What’s your affiliation?"
            Aha, Deb’s real aim was to find out just what kind of godless heathen her son had hooked up with--little did she know.

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  1. Hmmmm, probing questions and anxious resentment. Well done!

  2. Politics and religion, two topics that families argue about most often. Would not want to be there. Great six!

  3. Excellent snippet! Love how it is written

  4. Religion, politics and especially sex are things not to be discussed with the parental units around.

  5. Oooh what kind of godless heathen has he ended up with??
    Brilliantly uncomfortable scene.

  6. 'little did she know' LOL Love it!

  7. Eek! Strange "invisible typing effect, apologies for any typos!

    Thanks, Gem, clearly Deb doesn't know what she's getting into here!

    Jessica & murdersandmysteries, good points! Moving forward into the danger zone!

    Thanks, Sassyspeaks!

    Thanks, Wearegoingonawitchhunt and Sarah! Perversely, Daria is just about to start enjoying herself here.

    Comments much appreciated!

  8. I think she is holding her own extremely well! Let the games begin! LOL