Sunday, July 10, 2011

20th Six Sentence Sunday - Sky's opinion on Reverend Uncle Walt

Has it really been 20 weeks since I started spending my Sundays in six-sentence slices? Wow, it seems like longer and also like I've just started.
On July 15th the first book in my Josephine Fuller series, Larger Than Death, will be issued for the first time in ebook and trade paperback, so I plan to share some sentences from it. But first, from Bride of the Living Dead, Daria's sister Sky insisted on giving her opinion about their uncle officiating at Daria's wedding:

           "Are you sure you want our dear old deranged Uncle Walt to do this ceremony?  You know that crazy old man could ruin your wedding?"
            "Sky, the only thing that would ruin my wedding would be if Oscar didn't show up."
            Sky gasped and stared at me in horror. "Don’t even joke about such a thing."
            I wasn't worried because I couldn't imagine Oscar disappearing on our wedding day--which goes to show you how limited my imagination can be.

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  1. Oh no, say it ain't so! No missing Oscar!

    Dawn's Early Light 6SS

  2. Looming ahead--the unthinkable, yet Oscar's such a good guy...thanks for visiting and commenting, Xakara!

  3. Uh-oh! Is this foreshadowing? Eek! I hope he shows up.

  4. Oh noes. I have to agree with Jessica!

  5. hmm - you're telling us he doesn't show - does Uncle Walt? I am not a patient person but I will wait.

  6. I know that something awful has to happen to keep Oscar away from the wedding. Can't wait for more.

  7. Uh-oh, something's telling me that's exactly what will happen!

  8. Jessica, Laura, Sassyspeaks, Gem & Gayle--eek! Your suspicions are justified...and yet--all I can say is there is a happy ending, but I have to leave it in cliffhanger mode for now.

    Next Sunday I'll be posting from Larger Than Death (due to be released on July 15th)--the ebook edition of the first book in the Josephine Fuller mystery series.

  9. Hmmm. Is it her lack of imagination or her sister's pessimism? Nicely done -- again!

  10. She should have touched wood when she said that!

  11. Ha ha ha! What a setup! Oh yeah - things can go so wrong. Great six!

  12. Hi,

    Classic "will he, won't he". Nice one! ;)


  13. All I could think is..."Oh, shit!" lol! Great snip!

  14. oooh, I hope he shows up! Nice six xx

  15. Thanks, Jessica, interesting point! Sky's been through some tough times, so she is pessimistic. And of course, Daria is madly in love.

    So true, Lauri, thanks!

    Hi Francine, that is the question, thanks!

    Weregoingonawitchhunt, true where's that coffee table when you need it! Thanks!

    Thanks, Bree, it's a "little did she know" moment!

    Thanks, JoAnne, I want them to be happy!

    Thanks, Jayel, I'm glad it worked!

  16. Now that is some serious foreshadowing. lol

    Great voice!

  17. Well, now! I think she just opened herself up for the possibility of what's to come! I hope not, but I have a feeling! Guess I will have to keep checking back to see! Well done!

  18. Thanks so much Trish and Kathleen!

    Slowly getting to everyone's may take me a few days this week!