Saturday, August 13, 2011

25th Week of Six Sunday Sentences - help from an unexpected source

In Larger Than Death, Josephine manages to impress Mrs. Madrone with her confidence, and Jo's ex-husband turns out to be a good reference.

"If you could work and travel with Griffin Fuller and sleep with him as well for five years, I suspect you must be organized, capable of great self-restraint--a formidable diplomat. The fact that you had to break away argues that common sense must be working like yeast somewhere in your character. You may have the job—if you think you can do the work."

"You haven't said what the work is yet."

She laughed delightedly. "See?" she said to no one in particular, "A diplomat; she doesn't come close to committing herself."

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  1. I am loving this story, fantastic descriptive six, so much back ground character perfectly presented. You rock!

  2. "...common sense must be working like yeast..." absolutely fantastic!

  3. Great six! Says so much in so little time.

  4. like yeast? whoot! no committment without knowing the job duh - fascinating

  5. Great dialogue! Love the snappy comebacks!!

  6. Thanks, Alix, for the very encouraging comment!

    Gem and Sassy, thanks! Having baked bread I have observed that yeast is pretty impressive and like creeping common sense, expands when you're not looking!

    Thanks Jennifer!

    Bree, thanks, the characters are working out a working relationship.

    (oh, no! Google's deciding not to know me again, sigh.)

  7. I'm enjoying your characters, and the title and cover of your book are terrific.

  8. Thanks Sandy! I'm so glad you're enjoying them!