Saturday, October 29, 2011

35th six sentence Sunday, sometimes it's hard to be a vampire hunter...

Back into the six sentence Sunday habit, from The Falstaff Vampire Files. Psychologist Kristin Marlowe meets a vampire hunter who has never met a real vampire:

I stopped halfway in the middle of sitting in Larry's cozy, burgundy-colored wing chair. "Did you say vampire cults?"

"Wait a minute," I said putting the name and the subject together. “Wasn’t there a Professor Van Helsing in Dracula?"

"That was fiction, but as a kid when I found Abraham Van Helsing in Dracula, I got interested in the culture," Bram said, settling back on the sofa. "Even if it were in my blood to hunt vampires there would be the small problem that really aren't any, so I have to make do."

Meanwhile over at at Six Sentence Sunday Central, upwards of 160 writers are massing for Halloween snippets Six Sunday


  1. Wonderful six sentences! I wish you a ton of sales with your books! Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween!

    Stephanie Adkins

  2. Oh, is he in for a surprise! This story so rocks. When will it be available to read in its entirety? Well done six, Lynne. :)

  3. He doesn't believe ?? oh my god - what a shock he will be in for? When will she confront the one who she is seeing and also her patient?? Patience was never my forte lol

  4. Happy Halloween to everyone, definitely vampire time!

    Thanks Jessica!

    Stephanie, thanks for stopping by and commenting and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

    Thanks for asking that question Siobhan, it happens to be my favorite question, they're like the answer even better! Yes, it's available in a larger teaser and in total!

    Your impatience is most appreciated Sassy, thanks for visiting and commenting!

  5. That's an interesting twist! Well done!

  6. Awesome six, as usual you have me hanging on every word. Thank you!