Saturday, November 19, 2011

38th Six Sentence Sunday - an unlikely predator

Searching the shed behind Hal's house for a stolen item, Kristin finds herself confronting a man who suddenly rears up out of a crate she had thought empty. Large and rumpled with a white beard and drinker's red cheeks and nose, yet the man is eerily poised and confident,

No shaking from alcohol withdrawal as some drinkers have on arising. No, he was totally still, his eyes sharp and piercing as the eyes of a hawk, but with a most unhawk-like twinkle.

Turn and run, I thought, But I stood frozen, not so much terrified as stunned, like a small mammal suddenly confronted with a large snake.

"You can't be a dream. It's dusk and I'm awake," the man said.

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  1. I'd like to say I could turn and run, but I might be frozen to the spot, too. Great six! :)

  2. I'm addicted to your voice and your humor. This is another must read for me!

  3. Extremely intriguing! Want to know who the man is! :D

  4. I can't wait to read more - he sounds like a bunch of contradictions....

  5. Eeep! Find your primate blood, girl, and head for the trees! Great six, Lynne. :)

  6. Thanks Jessica, I'm a sort of a devout coward myself, and that would probably be how I would react.

    Bless you Gem, that's the kind of addiction I encourage--hopefully harmless or even beneficial!

    Thanks, sassy, he is a rogue but never quite what you expect.

    Siobhan/Meg, blood, did you say? This gentleman happens to be quite interested in blood! LOL!

  7. Ha-Ha! That last line coming from him is so funny. Nice six.

  8. Great great great, I love reading you!

  9. Gayle - - your comment
    [Extremely intriguing! Want to know who the man is! :D] showed up in my email but not on the blog.

    Thanks, Gayle, next week, he'll introduce himself!

    Thanks, Cherie!

    Much appreciation, Alix, I enjoy your writing too!

    And that goes for all you other Six Sentencers too--write on!

  10. Love it! Instinct is a powerful force. . . .

  11. Sounds like they're both stunned. Really makes you wonder who he is and what will happen next - excellent excerpt!