Saturday, December 17, 2011

42nd Six Sentence Sunday...You thought you could tell the dangerous ones

Kristin meets a mysterious huge old man in a shed. Common sense tells her to run, and are six sentences from The Falstaff Vampire Files.

You thought you could tell the dangerous ones, but you could make a fatal mistake. I knew a psychiatric nurse who guessed wrong--the patient had always been so quiet--right up until he nearly fractured her spine.

And yet when this man bowed in such a courtly way all my misgivings melted away and I took his outstretched hand, as he bent over my knuckles to kiss them in that European fashion that always causes consternation in American women. He stayed a safe arm's length away and I relaxed a little.

Despite his hair sticking up on all directions and his track suit pants with the stripe along the side that had clearly slept in, he smelled faintly of pine shavings, newly cut grass, and a faint, not unpleasant, overtone--a mushroom-like smell.

He began to cough again, at length, "Beg pardon--the dust--a quintessence of dust as the poet would have it."

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Opps, for those who get automatic feed sorry for the duplicate with this not-so-small addition -Merry Christmas (next Sunday all the Six Sentencers will be taking the day off) and Happy New Year to all!


  1. Wonderful descriptive six, full of the characters and feeling.

  2. “European fashion that always causes consternation in American women” Hmm now I don’t remember if he is a good guy or not. However I wonder if an European woman would have been so taken with him?

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and will see you next year!!

  3. Thanks, Alix & Sassy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Don't freak I'm going to repost with that addition (how could I forget to say cadet as usual?)

  4. A very charming vampire, for sure. Love this story. :)

  5. "he bent over my knuckles to kiss them in that European fashion that always causes consternation in American women." I love this line. It's not the hand kisses that get me; it's the double face kisses. Great six, Lynne. :)

  6. Great six! Makes him seem friendlier than when he first came out of the box.

  7. Thanks, Rebecca!

    Siobhan/Meg, those double face kisses are usually too fast for me...WTF...and over before I get what's happening. The hand kiss has elements of courtship--LOL!

    Thanks, Jessica, he's a charmer, a rogue and dangerous when you least expect it!

  8. Yes, good stuff. He definitely sounds dangerous to me. You have to watch the deliberate and polite ones! Thanks for joining in.

    I missed the list deadline for this week, but I did get six sentences up!