Saturday, January 14, 2012

45th Six Sunday - Ladies and Gentlemen, our murder victim has arrived...

Josephine finally contacts the admiral’s daughter but their interview is interrupted by a strange phone call from the admiral, who seems to be in danger. They drive to the cottage where he was staying:

"Dad!" Amy called, pulling the screen door open and pushing the front door inward, and I followed her in.

There was an acrid smell in the air, unidentifiable but strong enough to make my eyes water. We walked across the cool tile floor of the living room past old-fashioned wicker furniture and bamboo blinds. That burning, choking smell was even stronger.

Something was sticking out of the half-open bathroom door. It was a man's foot, lying still, too still.

The Six Sentence Sunday writers for this weekend numbered 177 last time I checked. Lots of snippets and lots of fun at Six Sunday.


  1. Wow, the description of smell along with the visual drew me into the scene. Well done!

  2. Ooooh, what's that smell? And why is he lying so still? Well done six, Lynne. :)

  3. Oops. It doesn't sound promising for the Admiral. Another great six!

  4. Oh no for the Admiral! Great descriptions!

  5. we followed the smell through the totally visual house. Very nice!

  6. Thanks, Jessica, Siobhan/Meg & Sassy, the smell leads them to the victim and also turns out to be a clue to an unexpected murder weapon.

    Gem and Angela, thanks! More on the victim next week!