Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pitch Perfect Praise & a Little Valkyrie Traveling Music

I am going through the early days of my new novel's publication--about two weeks in. It's a trial and error process and the overwhelming response is usually a deafening silence.

This is no a surprise to me, it's the usual way the process works. Even for an "ebook far" this part of the journey is a massive amount of toiling trying to get word of the book out to potential readers. At this point in my life I have to do that primarily on the internet.

This week I was thrilled to find that Gravitas was selected by Underground Book Reviews as one of five books chosen for the week of March 9 as Pitch Perfect Picks.

The folks at Underground Book Reviews explain: "Pitch Perfect Picks have intriguing, original premises and show the utmost professional quality."

Thanks, guys! Then the amazing Peggy Elam reviewed Gravitas on her new blog On the Whole Take a ride into The Forbidden Zone with a sexy Valkyrie . She says about heroine, Sybil, "Her adventures as she makes her way through The Forbidden Zone in search of a way home are fun and deftly written, as are the glimpses of other planets and cultures."

To make the ride even more fun, Peggy included some Valkyrie road warrior music with the review. I love the idea of moving The Ride of the Valkyries out of the helicopter & gunship, Apocalypse Now space and into the realm of powerful women on magical steeds!

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