Monday, December 7, 2015

Once Upon a Cover

Here it is, and I love it--the cover Julie Nicholls designed for Valkyrie on Planet Fury. The book is in the editing stages and will be available soon.

Valkyrie on Planet Fury, coming soon... What a long, strange trip it’s been. While we were discussing possible images, typefaces, etc., Julie reminded me that a cover has only a few seconds to tell the browsing reader what the book is about and lure them to look closer.

Book covers can even change the book for the author. Halfway through writing the first book about Sybil--Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone, I encountered a pre-made cover from James at It was so evocative that it even changed the character while I was writing. Once I fell in love with that cover, Sybil had to have red hair.

Fast forward a year. When I came to Julie to do the cover for Valkyrie on Planet Fury, I explained that Sybil would be going to the House of Darkness, where the rulers are the Furies, professional hit women who wear snakes in their hair.

Julie nailed it with lightning speed—also with actual lightning, as you can see from the cover. She’s a genius!

I'll let you know more soon.


  1. I'm really pleased you're happy with the cover. Thank you for selecting me to be your cover artist. I hope you return for your next book♥

  2. I've got plans already, Julie! Love your work!