Saturday, October 1, 2016

Runaway Dragonette Tour is on! Samples, Giveaways, Virtual Refreshments

Silver Dagger Scriptorium is hosting a blog book tour for Runaway Dragonette from October 1-15. All are welcome to drop by and indulge their inner dragons on free-flowing mead, salty marsh grass cakes and humorous romance stories. Any roses might be crunched up by dragons as pre-meal snacks.

This is the first straight up paranormal romance novel I've written, so please be gentle with me. I have taken to heart the feedback I got from one reviewer of a book that had romantic elements. She took off a star because of the FTB factor (Fade To Black when the heroine and hero head for the bedroom). In this book--well, I won't say the lights are on because this is a reality TV romance, so the bedroom scenes are lit with the fires of a fireman's nightmare of softly flickering candles. But the reader gets to stay for the action.

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