Monday, December 19, 2016

The Dragonette gets reviewed...

Boundless Book Review--cool excerpt

from Erin Bedford at Boundless Book Review, Bachelorette does dragons

Let me just say I dislike reality TV shows with a passion. They are fake and full of unrealistic drama but I have to say that if we threw dragons into any of them I'd be watching them every night. That is what this book does to you. You will be an addict and keep coming back for more because you need to know who gets that final nose ring (yea that's right!). I loved the main character Verity and how she doesn't let the alphas walk all over her on the show. I am so happy I had a chance to read this book!

From IvaGh Forbidden Desire

Fun and sexy, as are all of Lynne Murray's books, this wonderful fantasy romance also speaks to the many of us who harbor hidden and forbidden desires that somehow, somehow, just might become reality if we magic them into being.

from Jaqueline Girdner, Both Sexy and Funny

Murray has the ability to mix love, sex, humor, and adventure in the perfect proportions.... And the TV Dragonette show was hysterical!

from Lauri Owen, You will not regret buying this book

If you haven't read Lynne Murray, you're missing something really big, and I don't just mean her characters, or the tension, or the plot that drags you page after page, until night has long fallen and you know you have to get up in -- OMG is it 2am already?? -- but you still can't put it down....It's fun, sweet, enormously entertaining, and just plain great.

from Peggy Elam, A Fanciful Romance

While waiting for another book in Lynne Murray's Valkyrie series, I was delighted to discover this new novel set on another planet in the Valkyrie universe, as well as in the Forbidden Zone (Earth). In Murray's cosmos Earth is off-limits to extraterrestrials because of Earthlings' pesky tendency to worship visiting aliens. But inhabitants of the Dragon Planet have developed a fondness for Earth's reality TV. Couple that with the dwindling birthrate among full-blooded dragons and the dragon king's desire for an heir -- or grand-heir -- and the king's daughter, Verity, finds herself the reluctant star of a Dragon Planet version of The Bachelorette. Read & enjoy.

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