Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bachelor Dragon Blues- NEW & ON SALE for 99 cents till April 30th

It's finally here, on sale for the rest of April and free on Kindle Unlimited! Bachelor Dragon Blues

Meet Jevrath, a war hero from the Dragon Planet, and Beth a lab tech trying to spend a weekend away from her lecherous boss...who could imagine that they would wind up on the Bachelor Dragon reality TV dating show?

Can the love of an Earth woman save a wounded dragon shifter from the ticking time bomb inside?

Dragon Planet war hero Jevrath doesn’t know that spy bots were injected into his wound during the battle. Now spies monitor his every move and can kill him at will. He visits Earth for some no-strings-attached recreation--also to avoid the Dragon King who is nagging him to do a reality TV show as the Bachelor Dragon. Jevrath doesn't want his love life turned into a planetary joke. Then Beth walks through the door and everything changes.

Beth desperately needs a weekend away from her first job as a lab tech where she has to dodge her lecherous boss. Sudden attraction overwhelms her as she walks into the resort bar and sees tall, dark, commanding Jevrath, not knowing her life is about to be uprooted.

Overtake by intense attraction, Jevrath and Beth run straight into Beth’s predatory boss, whose leering grin promises a “put out or get out” talk for Beth soon. Frantic to get away, Beth confides her fears.

Jevrath springs into action. He takes the King’s deal to become the Bachelor Dragon on condition that the King fund a fertility clinic on the Dragon Planet, hire Beth to run it, and invite her to join the 26 shapeshifter dragon women who will compete for his love.

Can the devotion of a dragon sustain Beth in the face of 26 dragon women who don’t mind killing for love?

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