Sunday, September 11, 2011

29th Six Sentence Sunday, how badly does she want her stolen property back?

Kris Marlowe ventures further into the creepy old house in The Falstaff Vampire Files.

"The corridor on the left leads to the back door," Hal had told me on my first visit. "I keep my coffin in a shed out there--did I tell you I was a vampire?"

Strange how I forgot those words until I stood on the red stone floor again and started up the chilly staircase, also red stone.

A scrabbling sound nearby made me freeze in my tracks. I stopped to listen. The house seemed to shudder like a ship in the wind.

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  1. Hmm, don't think I could forget if someone told me he was a vampire!

  2. The scrabbling noise would be at my back as I ran like hell for the door. Great six!

  3. I love this! Its so creepy... in an intriguing way! Great six!
    Amy Durham

  4. Gah! Way to leave me hanging! What made the noise?? Such a good six to choose.

  5. She forgot he's a vampire? and he told her where he sleeps??
    I like the red stone!

  6. Oh heck, creepy.. The house seemed to shudder like a ship in the wind... love it!

  7. Paula and Sassy, thanks! Kris found it easy to forget that he said he was a vampire because she doesn't believe in such things…so far…

    Gem, I'd be running right behind you, but Kris wants her property back very badly.

    Thanks Amy and Heather, I fell in love with this creepy old house, even though it scares me.

    Thanks Jessica and JoAnne, ominous and creepy were what I was aiming for.

    Laura, cool--I love the word "creeptastic"!

  8. I love your simile: shudder like a ship in the wind. Very nice.

  9. "...shudder like a ship in the wind." BEAUTIFUL!!