Saturday, February 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday Week 48 - a family encounter while waiting for the police...

From Large Target, Jo Fuller and the missing admiral’s daughter Amy find a murder victim. They call the police and wait in outside the cottage when Amy hears someone coming out of the main house.

Amy's brother Brad, the young man with the pigtail, had just exited the sliding door to the rec room in midargument with Amber, the young woman he had dragged out of the way of the admiral's prying minicam at the party the night before.

Today they were both clad in shorts and T-shirts and clearly hadn't seen Amy and me. "You said he'd been on the scene of abductions," Amber said accusingly.

"I honestly believe he has," Brad said, "but you know that stuff is classified."

"I only just asked about the Bermuda Triangle. He said he'd get right to it and he put his hand up my ski-i-irt," she wailed.

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  1. Oh, makes me think Amber and Brad had something to do with the man's death. Great six!

  2. Interesting! Sounds like they don't even know what had just happened in the cottage...

  3. Yeah I'm confused especially over the last line -

  4. Thanks Jessica and Angela!

    It's just the admiral being crude and rude as usual, Sassy. Alas, Amber is very serious about her alien abduction, unexplained paranormal phenomena and the admiral is very dedicated to looking up mini-skirts. A potentially disastrous combination.

  5. The admiral sounds like a real straight forward charvanist pig. :D Fung six as always.

  6. *Fun six...*wink. Maybe I've been exposed too much to the admiral's tricks.

  7. Thanks, Gem, he's more fun on the page than he would be in real life (not going to admit any real life model, of course...wink, wink!)