Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celebrate INDD with a FREE copy of LARGE TARGET

[Note--apologies if you get this twice or saw my typo and confusion ensued! My brain went fuzzy for a minute when I typed the subject line and I put "At Large" when I meant "Large Target"--saw it as I was posting on Facebook and corrected it.] You can snare a FREE COPY of Large Target in honor of May 6th, International No Diet Day. The offer is good May 6-10th check it out at this link Pearlsong Letter Free Copy info

Here’s a taste of Large Target in seven paragraphs from a scene where Josephine, escaping from an ambush with a spiderweb crack in her rental car windshield has tracked the kidnappers to their lair. She discovers that the admiral has escaped her captors but he’s worried that she might be with the kidnappers. She reminds him that they met when she threw a drink on him at a party.

"I'm sorry, you'll have to be more specific."

"At your son Dwight's place last week. You were rude and abusive and I threw a drink on you."

"If you can't give me more than that to go on, I'll never remember. Can we talk somewhere else? I don't want to get locked up back up in that warehouse when the others get back."

“I just gave them the money. Didn't they let you go?"

"They did not. The skinny kid cuffed me to a loose table leg. I just got out a little while ago. I was going to walk out of here but when I saw you, I thought I could hitch a ride or with a car like that you might have a cell phone. That was before I saw your lovely windshield."

I was heading back toward the last place I had seen a service station, figuring they would have a phone. As we passed the street with the warehouse on it I looked down it just in time to see the van come hurtling into the intersection and plow into my right front bumper with a horrific crunching sound.

It spun us nearly a hundred and eighty degrees. The admiral and I both saw that he was backing up to have another run at the car. With a remarkable display of unity, we scrambled out the driver and passenger doors and began to run along the chain-link fence away from the van, which had backed up and was now swerving around the now-crippled rental car to follow us.


  1. OMG, I'm so excited! Thanks for the ebook. What a glorious way to celebrate INDD! Hugs!

  2. Thank you, Lesleigh! I hope you enjoy--live large and prosper!