Saturday, May 12, 2012

A fun week with Large Target--Now the Plot Thickens in At Large

Last week we celebrated May 6th, International No Diet Day by offering free ebook copies Large Target from May 6-10. During that 5-day period, 12,007 copies of Large Target were downloaded/given away at!

Thank you to everyone who spread the news of the giveaway! I hope that some new readers will check out the other Josephine Fuller mysteries. The 3rd book in the series to be reissued soon is At Large--here’s another sample:

Josephine Fuller discovers that the Francesca Etheridge, the woman who broke up her marriage is accusing one of the Women’s Job Skill Center temps of stealing her laptop.

I didn't admit to myself until I parked across the street that I was going to try to contact her. Francesca's building bore a stylized logo of a killer whale and the words Orca Harbor I hadn't seen her since that morning when she was pasted up against Griff in the hotel lobby in Kathmandu.

I couldn't very well pretend to be someone else because she might easily remember me from the time we met briefly in Nepal—even though there was also the possibility that she wouldn't recognize me if I wasn't sitting next to Griff and wearing a wedding ring.

My memory was that she had examined me with some calculation, as she might have considered a steep but not insurmountable stretch of glacial ice. Then she set her sights, with a total lack of pretense, on Griff. Standing on the doorstep, I toyed with an opening line such as, "Remember me? You stole my husband. And speaking of theft, what's all this about a missing laptop?"

It never occurred to me that Francesca might refuse to see me until I buzzed the number labeled Etheridge, and got no answer. Of course, she could be out. I felt a flush of embarrassment wondering if Griff might answer the door. That was when I noticed that the door was slightly open, which was highly unwise in a city the size of Seattle. I was reaching out to push it inward, when it was yanked open, and I was literally shouldered out of the way by a tall blond woman who left the door wide open.

She paused at the bottom of the stairs long enough to turn back and call out, "Don't go in there! Call the cops, she's dead!" she turned and ran across the street.

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