Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Second Year of Six-Sentence Sundays--when the dominoes start to fall

I'm starting my second year of Six Sentence Sundays with something from the part of Large Target that I personally refer to as “when the dominoes start to fall.” I’ve never been able to outline, so it was a great revelation to me when I finally got to the last few chapters of my first mystery and realized that all the loose ends from earlier in the book started coming together in a fast and furious way. This is one of my favorite parts of novel writing because I'm often as surprised as anyone by what happens.

In this scene Jo is delivering ransom money for the admiral and one additional victim whom the kidnappers grabbed to raise the stakes.

The next thing I heard was a scream from in front of the car. I moved the door open farther to look, and caught a glimpse of Zane on the ground a few feet to the left of my front wheel, one hand still resting on the heavy backpack. The door jerked in my hand from the impact of another shot and the dashboard lights went out.

The motor was still running. I kept down but slid back behind the wheel, jammed the car into gear and gunned it, steering sharp right around where Zane lay with the heavy backpack and his parked car. I drove as fast as I could, half looking out the side window to steer and hunching down to look under the spiderweb crack on the windshield.

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  1. Such an intense six! Well done! :)

  2. I love a woman who can keep her head when under fire. Great action sequence.

  3. Intense and action-packed! Felt like I was in the speeding car!

  4. Whoa! What? Why did she leave him there? Intense six, Lynne. :)

  5. great description and visual

  6. Thanks for visiting and your cool comments, Jessica, Gem, Angela, Siobhan/Meg and Sassy! I am dazed and amazed by the daylight savings spring forward, but wandering over to your blogs and hoping my brain will follow.