Sunday, March 20, 2011

5th week of Six Sentence Sunday...

Another six sentences from Bride of the Living Dead: Oscar asks Daria on a second date, then he cancels with a plausible explanation, yet she begins to wonder. Finally when they do go out, he explains that an ex-girlfriend, Francine, has been stalking him Fatal Attraction style and he's trying to be cautious, but…

     He looked at me steadily for a moment, and I felt a wave of warmth that spread all the way down to my toes. "Some things are irresistible."
     I sighed and we kissed. I wasn’t about to tell him about driving up Clayton Street and looking at his house. Much too close to something Francine would do. I had a sudden chill to think that maybe she was watching us even now.

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  1. Love the suspense. Great Six.

  2. lol- By the way, I ran into Francine while we were digging through your garbage together...nice girl. ;)

  3. sometimes hard not to stalk - enjoyed that

  4. Great six! I suspect trouble is ahead.

  5. Jessica, Fallon and Ella, Thanks! Sometimes fiction is too much like life--just when things start going great, trouble sneaks in!

    Ann, LOL! Garbage does not lie!

    Sassyspeaks, true, the fine line between having a crush and receiving a restraining order!

    Thanks, Sarah, the bumpy road to true love!

  6. Oh dear, he must be one fine looking man to have such obsessed interest in him.

  7. I just love your protag. She is awesome. great six - as usual.

  8. Christa, he's certainly knocked Daria's socks off--and she's ready to take off more than that.

    Thanks, Lauri, I'm enjoying sharing her and seeing other writer's creations!