Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pulling...well, pressing...the trigger

Awhile back I ran into a statement, Hill's Law of Work, to wit: "Everything takes 8 times longer than you expect."

If anyone knows where Hill's Law originated, let me know; I've never been able to track it down. But it's certainly been in action with getting past my latest bout of hand pain.  Oddly enough I only last night (finally!) got to the point of opening up my copy of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, which has always helped me, and starting to work on pressure point areas that gave me more relief. I put the delay down to my own natural cussedness--also pressing on those trigger points also hurts like hell. But the upshot is--great leap forward in lessening hand pain.

The Carpal Tunnel Fairy has moved out of my room and is sitting on the deck pressing her face against the window, but preparing to move on as I get back on track with doing what I can to help myself. (Including cross-posting in my Live Journal blog to avoid doing the same thing twice!)

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